Maximising the Impact of Teaching Assistants

Prompted by the wake-up call provided by the DISS project findings, Maximising the Impact of Teaching Assistants shows senior leaders and class teachers how to use TAs to best effect.


Based on our collaborative work with schools, the book provides essential, practical tools and classroom-tested strategies to help schools review and reform current practice. It provides a framework for reforming TA deployment and preparation, and the way they interact with pupils.


This much-needed and well-informed guidance on how to unleash the huge potential of TAs working in schools and is essential reading for school leaders.

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Maximising the Impact of TAs contains guidance on how schools can audit their use of TAs.


Use the links below to download pdf and editable versions of the audit tools from the book.

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What are doing to get the best value from TAs?

How can you demonstrate effective use of TAs?


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Our programme supports the Ofsted framework and implemenation of the new SEN Code of Pracitce.


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